New HDN manager

Gijs Willemsen appointed as new HDN manager

Egbèr Smits

The SLB GROUP has appointed Gijs Willemsen as its new manager for HDN. Gijs Willemsen, who only recently joined the RIJKERS business unit, brings with him extensive experience and will be involved in improving the food safety of SLB across the board.

Nieuwe HDN verantwoordelijke

To achieve this, it is important to stay abreast of the latest innovations in the market and to implement them on our machines and systems through smart designs. Gijs Willemsen can therefore be seen as an extension of SLB, whereby he employs his specific knowledge to inspire potential customers for our innovative solutions.

Hygienic Design Network

HDN, which stands for Hygienic Design Network, is a platform that gives companies in the food industry the tools to meet the ever stricter standards in relation to food hygiene. HDN benefits the entire chain, from food producer to machine builder. In order for everyone to gain a deeper understanding of HDN, we are currently putting the finishing touches on a product information sheet (PIS). The document further explains the steps SLB has undertaken based the HDN checklist.
appointment of new HDN manager.

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