CIP Cleaning

Cleaning systems, system components and/or piping without the need to dismantle them.

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CIP is an essential part of the production process for companies in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. After all, they have to meet very strict requirements in terms of quality, safety and hygiene. This calls for tailored solutions.

CIP is short for 'Clean-In-Place'. CIP or Clean-In-Place of process systems, modular process skids and piping systems can be done according to different cleaning procedures. Depending on your product and production process, you can choose from the following options for cleaning in place:

  • Central
    CIP system with one or more tanks at a central location, including piping and a central control system that supplies CIP fluid to multiple installations or their parts

  • Integral
    CIP system with one or more tanks, including piping and a control system that supplies CIP fluid to a system or its parts

  • Standalone unit
    CIP system on (mobile) modular process skid with one or more tanks, including piping and control system that supplies CIP fluid to a system or its parts

Requirements that the market and the government impose also need to be considered. A standard CIP system for cleaning machines therefore rarely offers the solution.


Specialists in CIP cleaning

RIJKERS has decades of specialist experience in CIP, or Clean-in-Place, mainly in critical sectors such as food and pharmaceuticals. We make absolutely no concessions in the area of risk management and focus completely on the reliability and continuity of your processes. When it comes to machine cleaning using the CIP method, we only deliver customized solutions.

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Pre-engineering: quick insight

Would you like to know what your system will look like early on, for instance how much space it will take up and what the installation will cost? Then pre-engineering offers the solution.

We are on site, on the shop floor of our customers almost every day to commission, expand and optimize systems, or for service and support. That's why we understand the best practices like no other and know the do's and don'ts. We don't just look at your specific needs during the pre-engineering phase, we also apply our in-house knowledge and experience to achieve the highest level of operational reliability for your equipment. After the pre-engineering phase, we can determine the required budget and give you time to make a well-informed decision.

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CIP cleaning

CIP for systems and system components and piping without any need to dismantle them.

Several construction options

  • As part of a process installation (centralized or integrated)
  • As skid (standalone dosing unit)
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CIP reiniging

We produce specific CIP installations for food and pharma.

In doing so, we use stainless steel with the highest degree of finish for both the process systems and modular process skids, as well as the silos, hoppers, tanks, mixers and piping system.

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Quality and safety:
Not a manual, but a mentality

The terms quality and safety are inextricably linked at RIJKERS. Together they form the foundation of our company and the systems we develop.

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