Four process steps, supported by rock-solid project management.

How we make a difference

Pre-Engineering & Engineering

To ensure that every investment, expansion or modification in your production process is justified, our process engineering specialists already start looking for solutions with you during the feasibility study. What does your process look like? What raw materials are used? What is your objective? 

Using your specific flow and process diagrams as a starting point, we then create a carefully considered design for the construction, expansion or optimization of your system. As one of the very few process specialists, we offer fully integrated mechanical, electrical and software designs.

Production & Assembly

Building the best possible process systems calls for a balanced mix of people and technology. To support our very experienced team, we can rely on a complete production facility and the latest machinery. Quality, safety and cost efficiency are all inextricably linked.

Assembly is all about building complete process systems, both in mechanical and electrical terms. We work with extreme accuracy and efficiency to ensure a smooth and flawless process. Our basic principles: keeping production in house, using the right purchasing channels, a clear and comprehensive approach and reliable management.

Rock-solid project management

How we make a difference

The basis for every construction, expansion or optimization project is a thorough and solid project plan. With our streamlined approach to project management and chain management, we make an enormous difference. 

Because we organize our processes carefully, all aspects receive the attention they deserve down to the very last detail. Moreover, we use our fully integrated ERP system to continuously monitor the status and progress of your project.

Mounting & Commissioning

Of course, your process system is subjected to rigorous testing before it is installed in your plant. After all, the goal is a holistic dosing installation, mixing installation or CIP installation that can be commissioned immediately.

Here, too, the principle of a deal's a deal holds true. We are only fully satisfied when every component functions according to what we have agreed with you.


  • FAT (Factory Acceptance Test)
  • SAT (Site Acceptance Test)
  • IBS (commissioning)

Service & Support

Our cooperation doesn't stop when your system becomes operational. We offer a comprehensive service and support package to ensure the continuity of your production, naturally at the lowest total cost of ownership.

For example, we don't just provide planned preventive maintenance for mechanical and electrical engineering, but also first-line and second-line support in case of errors or malfunctions. Because all maintenance work is carefully coordinated, you can rely on smooth service with minimal disruption to your business operation.

Quality and safety:
Not a manual, but a mentality

The terms quality and safety are inextricably linked at RIJKERS. Together they form the foundation of our company and the systems we develop.

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