Process systems

For the handling and processing of powders and liquids with, where necessary, the possibility to clean the system parts.

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Custom-built process systems

You know the recipe of your product, along with the conditions that the production needs to comply with the desired quality. Now you're looking for a process system or a combination of process systems that can prepare or dose your products at exactly the right capacity and accuracy. This can also include the cleanability of the components and pipework. Your key requirement: quality above all else.

Welcome to the world of RIJKERS.

Process systems for food, pharma and chemicals

We understand better than anyone the challenges you face. On the one hand you want an efficient process system that guarantees the quality of your product and, on the other, the process equipment needs to ensure maximum availability with minimum maintenance. After all, you're working in a critical market that poses very high demands.

Ever since 1934, RIJKERS has specialized in process systems for handling powders and liquids, most specifically for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. We have all the knowledge and expertise in house relating to process technology; we design, we engineer, we produce, we assemble, we automate, we optimize and we maintain. These processes are mainly in stainless steel, but also in plastic or steel. We install the process equipment on site or as modular process skid, but always to order. After all, the production process you have in mind is never standard either. We have years of experience in building milk of lime systems, specific equipment for the production of milk of lime.

Is the specific process system you're looking for not listed below? Then don't hesitate to contact us. Our experts in process systems will be happy to help find the right solution for you.