Mixing system

For mixing powders and/or liquids
in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

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Custom-built mixing systems

Mixing plays an important role in the production process. If your mixing system is completely aligned to your product, you are much better equipped to meet the requirements that you and the market you operate in place on your product.

RIJKERS specializes in engineering and manufacturing mixing systems for powders and liquids, most notably in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. We always do this to your exact specifications. As a result, your mixing system for mixing powders and/or liquids is optimally designed for the specific product properties, your process needs and the hygiene requirements. The milk of lime systems we have been manufacturing for many years are a telling example.

Tailored to your process

  • Mixing and product properties
    Some products dissolve perfectly, others become suspended or have to be kept in suspension, while yet others tend to react with one another to create an exothermic reaction. Furthermore, every product behaves differently during mixing and may every cause saturation to occur. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience in mixing and dosing, we understand the behavioral characteristics of your product when dispersing, injecting or homogenizing. We accurately align your mixing systems to your specific process.
  • Mixing and the process
    Even the process of mixing the products can affect your machines and equipment. Take the moist inner wall of a mixing tank, for example, to which the dry (hygroscopic) substance of the products can adhere. We also understand these interactions like no other, which enables us to give you specific advice on the best agitator to use and the speed of mixing, the process flow and how to clean the mixing system.
  • Mixing and hygiene 
    It's not just your powder mixing system or liquid mixing system that needs to meet strict hygiene requirements, also the storage silos, tanks, piping, dosing systems, platforms and skids must uphold the highest standards. This means you need to ensure there are no ‘blind spots’ or ‘sharp corners’, system components must be self-draining and smooth surfaces are essential, whereby special attention should be paid to the finishing of the welding seams to ensure that your product keeps moving and cannot become stuck anywhere.

Different mixing methods 

There are several methods of mixing: mixing in a mixing tank (with agitator), mixing in a mixer (with mixing arms) or mixing in the piping (using a static mixer).

  • Mixing in a mixing tank
    Mixing products in a mixing tank is particularly suitable for the batch production of various liquids, with or without the addition of dry substances in constantly varying mixing ratios
  • Mixing in a mixer
    Mixing products in a mixer is particularly suitable for the batch production of dry substances, with or without the addition of liquids in constantly varying mixing ratios.
  • Mixing in pipe system
    Mixing products in the pipe system (static or in-line mixing) is a cost-efficient mixing method when a continuous process is required, where liquids with the possible addition of dry substances that easily mix by nature.

Mixing and dosing go hand in hand, of course. That's why we align your industrial mixing equipment and dosing system carefully with each other.

Let’s make your business flow

It is vital that your mixing system meets all quality requirements, but it is equally important to make sure it operates without a hitch, every day of the year and with minimal maintenance. We set the bar at 99% operational reliability.

Our only ‘condition’ is that we are allowed to look further than the project scope or the delivery specifications. This generally helps us achieve an even better result: a higher quality of the mixing system or industrial mixer, of the mixing process and therefore of your product. That's how we keep your business moving forward.

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Doseer- en menginstallatie Chromalloy

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Using a patented coating principle, Chromalloy adds an aluminum coating to critical engine parts for the aircraft industry. We designed, built, installed and commissioned the conveying system and all components of the new A12 coating installation at the Chromalloy site in Tilburg.

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Pre-engineering: quick insight

Would you like to know what your system will look like early on, for instance how much space it will take up and what the installation will cost? Then pre-engineering offers the solution.

We are on site, on the shop floor of our customers almost every day to commission, expand and optimize systems, or for service and support. That's why we understand the best practices like no other and know the do's and don'ts. We don't just look at your specific needs during the pre-engineering phase, we also apply our in-house knowledge and experience to achieve the highest level of operational reliability for your equipment. After the pre-engineering phase, we can determine the required budget and give you time to make a well-informed decision.

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Mixing system

Mixing is mainly applied in complete process systems with a combination of conveying and dosing, but can also be applied separately and/or as modular process skid.

Different mixing options

  • Mixing in a mixing tank
  • Mixing in a mixer
  • Mixing in pipework
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We produce specific mixing systems for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

In doing so, we mainly use stainless steel of the highest finish quality for the mixing systems, silos, hoppers, tanks, mixers and piping. Depending on the application, we can also use even higher-grade materials such as titanium, hastelloy, (super) duplex and cunifer, but steel or plastics are also possible.

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Quality and safety:
Not a manual, but a mentality

The terms quality and safety are inextricably linked at RIJKERS. Together they form the foundation of our company and the systems we develop.

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