Process technology

Customized process technology for complex processes and critical raw materials.


For specific recipes, standard generally doesn't give you the solution. That is why we only supply custom-built process systems: mainly in stainless steel, both on-site and on a frame construction (modular process skid). From engineering and production through to installation and commissioning: with RIJKERS you benefit from our specialist knowledge, years of experience and our proactive approach.

We master all disciplines in the field of process technology. Moreover, you have only one point of contact: from business management advice to the delivery of your turnkey process system.


The market puts high demands on the flexibility of your business. To meet those demands, you need well-considered process technology. That's where RIJKERS can help. We analyze, we advise and we implement, for example to increase your production capacity or to switch smoothly to other production batches.

We can expand your existing process system by adding a completely new system or a sub-system, including tanks and (extra) piping. When extending your process system, we also ensure that commissioning takes place with minimum disruption to your daily production process.


The market wants you to produce faster, more accurately and better. And as manufacturer, you want to help build a better world by using cleaner and more sustainable production methods. What's more, it is vital that you maintain high safety standards. Your process systems therefore need to be optimized regularly. 

We make sure you meet all demands that the market and regulations demand from you. But we also look at how you can save time and money. As specialist in process technology, we keep abreast of developments in order to give you informed advice and to implement the best solutions tailored to your needs.

Quality and safety:
Not a manual, but a mentality

The terms quality and safety are inextricably linked at RIJKERS. Together they form the foundation of our company and the systems we develop.

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