Let's make your business flow

Our promise to you as our client.

This is how we keep your business moving forward

The market you operate in changes every day. This places high demands on you – and your machines – in the areas of quality, safety and sustainability.

But your aim is still to enter the market quickly after developing a new recipe or product: stable production on a larger scale, without making concessions in quality and efficiency. This also applies to optimizing your production flow in order to improve existing recipes and products.

To achieve those goals, you need meticulously designed and sustainable process machinery, such as dosage systems and mixing systems. Preferably built exactly to your specifications to ensure they are optimally aligned to your production process.

That's where RIIJKERS can help.

Especially when you encounter complex issues with difficult-to-handle raw materials, for instance with dosing and mixing, we really make a difference. As a specialist in process technology with years of experience in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, we only deliver customized solutions. We don't make any concessions in the risk management and focus entirely on the reliability and continuity of your business processes.

Let’s make your business flow.