Food industry

RIJKERS operates in all areas of the food industry. We design, manufacture and maintain both process installations and supporting process equipment and constructions such as staircases and landings. We offer optimally hygienic designs that satisfy our clients’ specific wishes and requirements. We think along about the optimisation of an organisation’s entire operational process in order to increase quality assurance, reduce manpower, improve traceability and minimise the rejection of products.

Food safety as a top priority
The people at RIJKERS are specialists in their field. We continuously invest in keeping their knowledge of hygiene and food safety up to date. Our methods comply with the strictest legislation, HACCP requirements and HDN methodology. Furthermore, we follow the guidelines of the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG). With our ingenious operational methods – all in accordance with strict procedures – we offer you assurance in every regard.

RIJKERS is part of the SLB GROUP. The organisations in this group operate at the heart of the Dutch agro-industrial and food industries. These are the fields in which our country holds an international top position.

Fact and figures about the Dutch food industry:

+++ the world’s second-largest exporter of agro-industrial and food products, after the US +++

+++ the world’s third-largest exporter of machinery for the food industry +++

+++ the world’s second-largest exporter of dairy products +++

+++ 20% of the country’s GDP is earned in the agro-industrial and food industries +++

+++ the world’s largest manufacturer of machinery for chicken slaughterhouses +++